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Saturday 14 January 2012

The perfect balance

So we went on a wee holiday. I guess it wasn't really a real holiday in the sense that we only went away for one  night at the Crieff Hydro Hotel to accompany hubby who was attending a conference there. It was a change of scenery and lots of things to do during that time though to class it as a holiday. A holiday in fact which offers the perfect balance between adult comforts and child friendly. I guess this time I was mainly interested in the child friendly side of things and did not take the opportunity to enjoy the adult comforts but it was nice to know that you could if you really wanted to do.

We had two days of great weather, nice walks, an afternoon dip in the pool and even a short stint in the ball pool. If this were a review of the Hotel and it's staff and it's facilities well it would definitely be 5 stars. The staff could not be more accommodating, there are so many activities included and well it's just a beautiful part of the country and you don't even need to leave the estate to enjoy the scenery! 

Views from our morning walk around the Estate

There are lots of ponies and horses

The Hotel

Mr Duck

I'm happy

At the top of the Knock

Macrosty Park

I'm still happy

I was happy, hubby was happy and well my son was happy....PERFECT!

1 comment:

  1. aww it does sound amazing, am very happy for you all! That pushchair looks so comfy and warm, how could he not be happy!!!


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