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Monday, 21 April 2014

The Very Big Chocolate Easter Egg!

The wee man had asked a long time ago for a very big Easter egg when he came to visit his Nonni. Well it seems the Nonni took him VERY seriously. My wee man has a huge soft spot for chocolate. He is not interested in sweets or desserts unless it is chocolate. All through the holiday he has seen the adverts on TV for Easter eggs and he was promised that on Easter Sunday he would get his BIG surprise. He only ate his lunch on Sunday because he knew what was coming after! His face filled with joy and excitement when his Nonni brought out his Easter egg tells the rest of the story really.

It was chocolate heaven! He looked up smiled and shouted "Grazie Pasqua!" (Thank you Easter)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Project 365 Days 103 - 109

The second edition of our Easter holiday in Italy. 

Day 103: Always Climbing 

Day 104: Chasing butterflies 

Day 105: Playing with shells 

Day 106: This is how we do beach 

Day 107: Hula Hoop

Day 108: One day I was a monster and went "ROAR"

Day 109: Drawing a picture climbing trees

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Chioggia and Sottomarina

This week we went to visit the small island town of Chioggia and Sottomarina, quarter of the commune both being part of the province of Venice. The two are connected by a bridge and when you visit you would hardly realise they are apart. 

Chioggia is a very miniature version of Venice with canals and narrow streets. It's a two hour drive from Verona and we arrived shortly before lunch. We went for a short walk through the town along the Corso del Popolo before stopping for lunch at a local Osteria. Fishing is the main livelihood of the town and this is evidenced by not only the strong smell of fish but the copious amount of fishing boats that line the main canal. So it is no surprise that we thouroughly enjoyed some fish for lunch of which Chioggia is renowned. 

Sottomarina is technically an island and is connected to the historic town of Chioggia by a series of bridges, and is sometimes referred to as Sottomarina di Chioggia. It has been built up into a seaside resort town and one can only imagine how busy it must be in the height of the summer months. It is a beautiful long sandy beach along the Adriatic shore and thankfully we had it mostly to ourselves. You might have to excuse us here as we started to feel like it was actually summer! Shoes and jackets promplty came off! There was lots of fun building sandcastles, drawing in the sand and getting rather wet playing with the water. 

The greatest reward at the end of the day of course is ice cream....Chocolate ice cream!

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