A mum and a wife and sometimes just me

Thursday 20 August 2015

Perpetual motion

My diva is in constant perpetual motion. From 3 months she decided it would be fun to roll over both ways. It was only a quick escape on my part to the toilet before I was heralded by high pitch screaming. The Diva had found herself in a new position that at the time she just could not get out of! Quite frankly from birth it seemed she always preferred to stand. Hold her hands now and she will promptly pull herself up. At 5 months she started experimenting with her knees. Her arms don't seem strong enough yet to do a proper crawl but she gets about quite efficiently like a quiet soldier on the attack. I'm not quite sure her plan but obviously at 6 months she is ready for adventure. Everything within reach is fair game. Her eyes are wide and alert and say let's go. I guess it's time to start house proofing. 

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