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Sunday 24 November 2013

A good head rest

You don't need words like "I love you" to make your heart fill. You don't need big squeezes and cuddles to know that he cares. It's in the comfort of being close, being there, doing the everyday.

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Saturday 23 November 2013

Winter park accessories

So we have the wellies (I have my eye on some fireman Sam winter boots), thermal socks, heavy jacket, gloves and even waterproof trousers for the mud. I'll be honest we are still cold! It's not even officially winter right? I am so trying to think of different "activities" to keep us warm. So our additional winter accessories list includes balance bike, chalk, blowing bubbles, collecting and swishing leaves (that may be snow soon) and this week...football...

I will be honest after we needed to go the cafe to warm up!

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Tuesday 19 November 2013

The changeable season

It's the changeable season.
Glimpses of sunshine, showers, and rainbows.
An added bit of spice with the colours
and cold hands playing with the leaves.

The wee man is coping with his own fair bit of changes.
Growth spurts.
More words, conversations, never ending babble of stories.
Big imagination.
Pushing boundaries.
Big bed,
Potty trained.

Waterproof trousers,
You are the season that draws us closer to the earth.
Mushrooms, worms, snails, sticks, mud, water, leaves.
We even sometimes bring bits of you home with us.

Fresh and crisp you tempt us,
We breathe in your sensations, 
Dance in your playful light.
You really know how to blow the cobwebs away
and inevitably draw us outside.

The days get shorter.
Time has become more of a treasure.
With you we learn to embrace the change.
Take it all one step at a time.
Stop for coffee and cake.
Smile and laugh.

Autumn you have marveled us!

I'm joining in with Older Mum (In A Muddle) and her beautiful seasonal linky One Week. A few words and photographs reflecting our experience of Autumn 2013

one week

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