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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Marking a moment

There is so much I could say about my wee man turning two and a half. He has changed so much in this half year alone. There is an amazing constant flow of words that just seem to grow and grow as the days move on. From one word sentences to whole conversations. To say he makes us laugh with his little statements is an understatement. 

I dreaded the potty training days and now here he is running around in his big boy pants with no need for mummy to worry at all. One day he just seemed to completely accept that he now did his business in the potty and that was that. It was like a hurdle mummy had to jump over more than anything else. 

He is so agile that I'm thinking I might have a gymnast in the making. Of course the list of things that I think he is going to be is endless. Like I am seriously impressed how high he is able to jump, what he loves to jump off and over. He is getting pretty good at catching a ball and also has a pretty impressive kick. 

His curiosity is endless and it's constantly "What's that mummy?" or "What you doing?" He has certainly shown he has quite a stubborn streak and we have great "fun" trying to convince him that he can't always get his way. He abounds with energy and just never seems to stop. 

He still has those moments where he can be quite shy and takes things in his stride. Not a lover of huge crowds he's still the one voice you are most likely to hear in the playground. Sometimes it's hard to keep up as he will love doing one thing one month and it will all change in the next. He loves being outside and making a mess when painting. His love for sticks and stones never seems to change.

He is my fun and cheeky monkey. He knows how to drive me insane and he knows how to wrap me around his little fingers. He gives the best hugs and has a smile that melts butter. I'm just loving every minute of him.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Alone time

I guess the lable that I have most let define me is being a mum. I don't fear the label anymore as much as I used to and find myself quite enjoying it. It sets me so many challenges which actually helps me to face all the other lables that define me, woman, wife, worker, blogger. Yet here I was sitting alone for the first time in a long time and the only lable really defining me is well being me.

Hubby and the wee man started their holiday in Italy  leaving me on Monday night this week. Tuesday and Wednesday I had work and only the strange quiet nights to contend with. I found myself watching rather silly television and not being able to settle to bed in a flat all on my own. Thursday it was a whole day off just for me! I still find myself waking early and thankfully I had a visit to the hairdresser to occupy some of my time. I guess the strangest thing was not thinking what had to be done at specific times as I usually had to work around my wee man's schedule. 

It was a hard but a good few days all wrapped up into one. I really believe just you time is still important when you are part of a family. It was not a huge journey to find myself again but it was just simply about being, having a bit of space to focus on me. The freedom makes me realize how important my family are to me and why I made the decisions I made and how much I love to live and grow with the family that I have while squeezing in a bit of alone time.

Saturday 10 August 2013

The Children's Garden, Glasgow Botanics

It's been a while since we have visited the Glasgow Botanical Gardens and of all the times we have been we have never really checked out the Children's Garden. It's not just a lovely space to explore but it's great to get children invovled in planting and growing which is something I really want to start getting the wee man invovled in. I got statements like "Wow mummy look at all the colours" and he cleverly found the apples. He happily popped in and out of the wendy house and ran through a vine tunnel. We played games of hide and seek and smelt most of the herbs and flowers. After a play at the park I was surprised at how happily he "ran" through the glass houses  and actually occasionally stopped to notice what was there. The cacti were a  big hit anyway "A bit sharp mummy" though sometimes I had to fight with him about collecting the stones.  He definitely enjoyed seeing the fishes and was only a bit disappointed there were no more animals to see for example the elusive bear. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Wednesday 7 August 2013

There was a tiger in my bed

Hiding. Tickling. Jumping. A good ole romping play time.

I'm joining in with the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers where the theme is play 
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Monday 5 August 2013

Biker Boy

 I know health and safety mums this biker boy needs a helmet. Seriously though it's like one day he just got it. He started zooming about on his balance bike. On a Sunday morning the local skate park is quiet so we gave in and allowed the wee man to give it a go. He still needs a lot of support but he just loves it. I think the best bit is watching his confidence grow. He takes all the falls in his stride and says that he will try it again. I secretly hope it's something he applies to other parts of his life but I will take this for now. My biker boy definitely needs a helmet!
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