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Thursday 30 June 2011

What a head of hair!!!

So when people see my son I usually get two comments. 

The first: "Awww what a beautiful baby". Now I am biased so I would definitely have to agree with said statement. It's a statement that you expect from the grandparents and trust me they say it ALL the time. I usually just assume that people are being nice...you know all babies are beautiful. The other day though I was in a store and a sales assistant as they sometimes do was 'just being nosy' and had a peek at my son and out came said statement and of course I had to agree explaining my bias. She continued though to say, 'No honestly, I have seen a lot of babies come through this store and he is truly beautiful.' Then when I was leaving she actually thanked me for coming in and showing her my 'beautiful boy'! I'll let you be the judge.....

The second: "What a head of hair!" According to the old wives tale if you suffer from heartburn then you are going to have a hairy baby...I suffered! Every time I see the health visitor she can't help but exclaim about the hair. One of our first times at the book bug session I was approached by the session leader who appeared not to be able to help but stroke my son's hair. I kept being told after he was born that he would probably loose it all so I wake up every morning expecting to find said hair all over his cot sheet....I'm still waiting. I was thinking that maybe I should contact Johnson baby and see if they were interested in using him for their shampoo ads.

Whatever people say I just think he is perfect!

Wednesday 29 June 2011

No sudden movements please

So seriously I was sure that if a bomb exploded and there was shouting, screaming, fire engines, police my son would just sleep through it all completely unconcerned. Well that was then and this is now. I used to be able to say that my son would only cry if he was really hungry or if he was tired. Otherwise he was pretty much unconcerned with it all and smiles all around thank you very much. Obviously though as he grows his personality is starting to get a bit more complex and some fussy highlights are starting to emerge! To be expected I guess after all he is a baby and supposedly they are not happy all the time....suddenly mummy has to work harder. The best development though is his reactions to certain loud noises. Thankfully with some he will only flinch, if it's a great clamour then you are looking at least 1/2 hour to settle him. Please tell me though that some of it is just a phase as recently you can't even sneeze in this household.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

When the sun shines in Scotland..........

 Ok no wise cracks already that the sun never shines in Scotland...it does but yes I do agree not that very often and for hubby and me not often enough. So when it does you get into the habit, as other fellow Scottish inhabitants, to go out and enjoy it. People suddenly appear out of the woodwork and are everywhere. The point is though that just because the sun is shining does not necessarily mean it is warm. This never seems to defeat the Scottish though who still head out in their shorts and t-shirts and sandals. Actually I swear the Scottish have different blood flowing through their systems as they do the same some days in winter as well!!! Then when the sun shines and its warm as well the Scottish men can't help themselves but additionally have to walk around town with their t-shirts off like they are down the beach....put your clothes on I want to shout or go to the beach. Yes there are beaches in Scotland some actually quite beautiful, unfortunately some of the popular ones not so nice. 

A little digression actually.........my mother remembers my first experience as a child of going to the beach down south and being SO excited stripping off and racing to the water only to very quickly race back again. Yes not surprisingly the water remains very cold and I shiver just watching the children playing in the water. 

So summer is now officially here in Scotland and all it's mostly done for the majority so far is rain. Today the sun dared to show it's face but alas only for a little while as the clouds deemed it too bright for Glasgow. So I am afraid I can't be like the Scottish but make sure to walk around with my jacket and usually shoes and socks.

Friday 24 June 2011

The Friday song choice

Ok last week we did not have the Friday song choice as I was gearing up for a friends wedding that day...I know all day...only the second night I have taken my son out and you never know how it is going to go...is he going to nap...do we come home early for a proper bedtime or stay out and hope he sleeps there...questions that make me realise I wish we had access to a babysitter!

Anyway this week we have a Friday song choice but it is kind of different. I guess it follows on from thoughts on my previous posts. Not only do we read lots to my son but we sing lots as well and everyday I am learning a new one. Like did you know that you don't only row the boat down the stream, but down a river, creek, puddle and to the shore as well?!?! I think slowly my son is starting to recognise a few from the constant reptition of certain ones like Pop a little pancake into the pan and Roly poly and Round and round the garden. Then there are Scottish tunes as well and this one is a favourite...

Thursday 23 June 2011

Let's read

So I have been inspired by a few posts about reading from fellow bloggers to write my own. There is nothing like stealing an idea when you have lost inspiration for ideas of things to write about yourself. I will give them credit though and urge that if you do happen to read this, please read theirs as well.........

So as it happens my son is only 4 months old but well I have been reading to him from in the womb. We started with the Gruffalo, The Hungry Caterpillar and We're going on a bear hunt

I would take a long hot bath and read him a story and he was also made to listen to music as well as (yes there was lots of Mozart) I religiously wore my music belt. Honestly it was all about bonding with my baby from the start and not about creating a child genius.

Now at 4 months we are still going and the book collection is already steadily increasing. Obviously he does not have any clear favourites as yet but he does not cry when I read to him and looks rather intently at me so I am going to say that he enjoys it. I love taking him to a local book bug session in Glasgow as well and he is alert and smiling through it all. It was a hot topic recently on the parenting/baby forum I follow as a mum asked her friend who is a primary school teacher to recommend some books and her response was that her baby was too young for books and she did not think her baby was that intelligent. Of course all the comments which followed questioned this woman's role as a teacher as many mums read to their babies. Ooops and here was hubby reading The history of Music to our son from birth! It is generally agreed though that reading to your baby from young helps with literacy skills and language development, with listening skills, stimulates the imagination and the senses and maybe most importantly promotes bonding and calmness for both parent and baby.

I love books and I want my son to love books....and yes maybe I am secretly hoping that I am creating a child genius. Here are some top mummy favourites (I hope I can write about this again listing my son's top favourites):
  1. Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett
  2. Ten little fingers and Ten little toes by Mem Fox
  3. The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  4. A bit lost by Chris Haughton
  5. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  6. I like it when by Mary Murphy

Sunday 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

So I know I am probably being biased but my son has the best daddy in the world! Here is a special shout out though to all those amazing, special daddy's out there. I have always been daddy's little girl and I am very much like my daddy in good (and maybe what some would consider a few bad Lol) ways. One of my small but special daddy memories is thinking of the way my dad used to wrap me up in this huge towel after I had been swimming while on holiday and gave me a huge shake and a hug to dry me off. There is nothing like a hug from my dad!

I don't have anything against single mummy's and seriously respect what you do because trust me I don't think I could have survived without my hubby but I really think the father having role in their child's life is really important. My hubby did all he could to support me during my pregnancy and was a rock during those first tiring weeks when my son arrived. He is such a hands on daddy and loves his son this much..........................................

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday 16 June 2011

What is it about 4 months......

that makes me say "when he was a baby"?

Maybe it's because my little man is starting to change so much it's just rather amazing to watch. We find ourselves reminiscing already on the way things used to be with my son.

Maybe it's because he is now starting to show an interest in his toys, grasping at things, shoving everything into his mouth.

Maybe it's the way he is actually now lifting his head up during tummy time and not just sucking his thumb and eating the carpet.

Maybe it's because of the way he smiles and chatters with his mummy, and everyone else as well so I kind of feel jealous cause I thought it was just for me.

Maybe it's the way he seems so big now in my arms. I look at other babies younger than him and can't remember him being so small. So I find myself looking back at the pictures of the first days in shock!

Maybe it is because yes I feel a bit more in control now and my little man is not in charge all the time, though he still is most of the time. Sometimes I even find myself now offering other people advice.

What in the world am I going to be saying when he reaches 6 months!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Let's go out and binge drink.........

So last night was pizza and DVD night! As my son has decided he now knows when it is bedtime and falls happily asleep we are reclaiming our evenings. At first I was maybe a bit too tired and still fell asleep in front of the TV but I am starting to manage a bit better now. So we decided that maybe I could even have a cold beer as it had been and still was a lovely warm evening....

But what is it about visiting your local off license in Glasgow that makes you feel like an alcoholic? I must admit that usually I try and go to the supermarket. I sneaked inside and then quickly sneaked out hoping that noone saw me. Why? Is it because all the alcohol is behind bars so that you don't have easy access? Or it stops being a regular shop where you can browse the wines to the shutters coming down and limiting access at 6pm. It's the place where the regular buckfast drinkers go. When you go inside you should pretty much know what you want, pay and leave. Well technically anyway as once I saw a man on one of my first visits who walked into the shop and slowly sank lower and lower to the ground until he was officially laying happily fast asleep on the floor. The lady behind the counter just shrugged...he was a usual and she would call the police in a minute to come and collect him...so I guess I should step over him then?

I'm not sure if it is a Glasgow thing, a Scottish thing or just an overall British thing but when they drink...it's not just about having a few drinks while you socialise with friends...it tends to be more about just drinking to get drunk! Sometimes in Glasgow it's hard to distinguish the alcoholics from people who are just plain drunks.

Friday 10 June 2011

The Friday song choice

Ok so I happened to mention to hubby today that I needed a song for my Friday song choice. His initial reply was "Well you have to choose something good". Duh! Not sure if I mentioned how much he is into his music but I think so......oh yes here. So I asked him for some recommendations and this is what he is listening to at the moment that supposedly I would like, so for our listening pleasure..........

Tuesday 7 June 2011

They are just like you and me

Ok so what is it about babies that makes you forget sometimes that in the end it's just a small person? Or is it just me? When I was pregnant I think one of my biggest fears was holding my baby for the first time because I might drop him. At first you do things so gently because you never know he might just break. You dare not go outside when the weather is bad, after all you don't want him getting sick...a bit difficult for us as it was snowing the day he left hospital...and I live in Scotland so if I don't go out when the weather is bad well I would never go out. I dreaded having to cut his finger nails because I might cut his skin and he might bleed (and in my head the bleeding just never stops!) 

Only slowly do you let things start to slip. You know you quickly suck the soother before sticking it back in his mouth. You don't take as long to get them dressed...actually I have grown additional hands as I learn to put clothes on while he is actually in my arms.Oh and I cut his fingernails.

Sometimes you get a sneeze, or a cough or a sigh and I'm reminded yeah babies are just like you and me.

Sunday 5 June 2011

Don't tell social services...

But yesterday hubby and I after a "busy" day out shopping and stopping for a cup of tea and cake to feed and entertain my son (that's our excuse and I am sticking to it) well we went to the bar to have a drink. We went to the Merchant Square in Glasgow where you can sit outside in a family friendly atmosphere and still have a drink. When I say drink, I do mean alcoholic beverage as well. What else are you supposed to do when you don't have access to a babysitter? The thing is where my son usually is quite happy to sleep when we are out and about he actually surprisingly woke up and wanted to be entertained! So mummy had a pint in one hand and baby in the other. The worse thing was we decided that since we did not have to take him home to wake him up as usual we may as well stay out and have another one! So I drank two whole pints while holding baby...the only baby about...and well I kind of felt guilty and could not help but wonder if people were watching us....judging. You see while Glaswegians tend not to need an excuse to have a drink they don't tend to do it while being out and about with their children...especially so late in the evening. Then I thought to myself but it's only 6pm!!!! Babies should be in bed by 7 or 8 the latest right...and don't worry mine generally is...if for no other reason than for hubby and I to have a bit of time for just us. Europeans (that could be another post I guess why I don't consider the British to be "European") though differ on this point...not sure about babies but children don't have a bedtime till as late as 10 o clock. I was shocked at this and hubby could not understand why...he explains that he would not have seen his father otherwise. Ha! my mum had us in bed by 6.30, 7pm the latest till I was very old! My British cousin is now living France and has herself commented on these differences...you can check out her blog here.

So having my son out so late in the evening might not seem so strange in Italy...though I still don't think I would have gotten away with the pint in the other hand.

Saturday 4 June 2011

No he doesn't ok!

So I have quickly learnt that my son does things in his own time. The only thing that he managed so far to do early is be born...a whole two weeks if you are wondering. His dad kept saying when I was pregnant that he must come early and it appears that he listened...he has decided to stop listening ever since then! In the beginning it was taking his time eating and putting on the weight....nothing you did would make him eat faster...all the suggestions were tried and tested with little avail...but he was always thriving and happy so thankfully I never had to be overly worried so much as frustrated. Anyway as yet at 15 weeks he has also decided not to sleep through the night. Something else that I probably should not let worry me either as he has come a long way with how he sleeps. No tears when you settle him, resettling himself if he wakes, wakes once for a feed and generally goes back to sleep again until morning and only on "bad" days does he wake twice. But you see everyone seems to use sleeping through the night as a judgement call of how good your baby is!!! If mums have a problem with their baby they always seem to mention as an aside "but he/she sleeps through the night" so things are not that bad. 

The thing is my aside is how good my son is in every other way. He is such a charmer, always smiling unless of course he is tired or hungry. Always has a smile for his mum and the ladies of course. I can pass him around to others with no problem. He loves playing and being entertained which keeps me entertained and he will happily play on his own for extended periods as well so I can get other things done. So when people ask me if I have a good baby...I say yes. When they then ask me if he is sleeping through the night I just want to shout "No he doesn't ok!!!!" (he is just taking his own time).

Friday 3 June 2011

The Friday song choice

Hubby decided to listen to this album this morning...we had to wipe the dust off the cover it's been so long...this song is one of my favourites....

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