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Thursday 31 January 2013

I'm Floating

My wee man has always been something of a water baby. I have secretly had high hopes for him and had him in swimming classes from a very young age. He appeared to love it from the start and did not have much fear when it came to the water so I remained hopeful. As he grew older and more aware of himself and his environment things changed slightly. Still my water baby he appeared to have a fear of floating in the depths (he does wear armbands and ok the water is not that deep) and was only comfortable when his feet could touch the floor.
It's amazing though watching that fear appear to slowly slip away. He does need to get comfortable with the environment so more than one visit helps and in his own time he slowly gets more comfortable in the actual water. I should not be surprised as that is my wee man's personality really "I will do it when I am ready".
So when we went with Nana to the pool for the second time here in Jamaica I was not surprised that he was a bit more willing to actually play in the water. Moving from the top step to the bottom! Walking around on his hands saying choo choo. Then Nana asks me what's he saying. It was only from watchin him that we figured it out. "I'm floating". The legs came first and then he experimented with the hands.
Slowly but surely my wee man will get there! Maybe mummy's hopes are not dead in the water just yet!

Tuesday 29 January 2013


We visited Devon House today to play and of course get some ice cream! I could not stop taking pictures! I'm rather pleased the wee man likes the stuff! There was joy and of course a lot of mess!

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Saturday 26 January 2013

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

A Country Kids Special

So here we are on holiday in Jamaica visiting the Grandparents. The wee man is absolutely in love with Nana's garden and so we don't have to go far to entertain him. Who can blame him really it's a magical sensory world out there with flowers, water, tinkly chimes and lots of space for football and catch. Grandad has his space in the garden when it comes to taking care of the animals. The wee man had his chance to help out yesterday on our version of the "morning feed". Food is sprinkled for the fish, fresh water is put out for the bird bath and the bird feeder is filled. It was a special moment for me to watch the wee man helping his Grandad!


I am having problems displaying the badge but please go and check out Country Kids from Coombe Mill. Getting kids out and about whatever the weather!

Thursday 24 January 2013

This makes me smile

It's not often that my wee man gets to spend time with his grandparents. Getting to see them together, happy, playing...this makes me smile!
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You wait and wait for the first word and then suddenly it happens. As a parent it is a very proud moment, a biggy development wise. Another sign that everything is going to be okay and maybe I am not that bad a parent.  I remember when I could tell people in conversation what words the wee man was saying. He would have the longest conversation with you but you could only clearly make out one word if you were lucky. What was he on about?

Now everyday he is coming out with new words, stringing words together into proper sentences. I just can't help but wonder where it is coming from. I think it is the way they just come out as well at the appropriate times. After changing his nappy he ran to his daddy and shouted "Ecco lo qua". He has always said moon and then while walking home from nursery looking at the sunset he said "Sun...sun in sky". We arrive safely home in the car just yesterday and he claps his hands and shouts "Arrivati".

Of course you have to be very careful what you say now as he appears to understand everything! He is very good at picking up our favourite expressions. He is now saying "Oh dear" about everything just like his grandad. He comes out with these big sighs sometimes and unfortunately he probably gets that from his mother. He is choosing to say certain words and expressions in Italian but he definitely understands when I say them in English. It's all happening so quickly I am not sure how to keep up!

Watching your child develop is just crazy beautiful!

Saturday 19 January 2013

Our no snow day!

So with everyone twittering and blogging about snow, we kind of feel left out. We have had bright sunshine! It's still been freezing though and my fingers and toes don't do too well in this kind of cold. So with two pairs of socks on, one being Hubby's walking socks and some gloves I bravely took the wee man out, Glasgow Green being our destination.

We went for a brisk walk along the River Clyde. No photos were taken during this exercise for health and safety reasons. Wind gusts attempted to blow us away and we only just made it to the park. Actually I apologise for some of the quality of the photos as I was forced to keep my gloves on. Taking photos with gloves is not an easy task...honest!

Glasgow Green has a lot to offer to those who don't know and we did our best to sample a few of them. 

So on our no snow day we managed to play in the play park.

On our no snow day we saw the assorted wild life and chased leaves to throw into the River Clyde.

On our no snow day Mummy was getting rather cold with the blistering wind, and the tears in wee man's eyes was giving away that maybe he was feeling cold too. The best thing of Glasgow Green is that you can enjoy the outdoors in. We went to the Winter Gardens, the lovely glasshouse which is part of the People's Palace. A great place for tea and cake or lunch or to entertain a toddler when it's freezing cold outside. We took advantage of it's entertainment and lunch value. Here is where I also cheekily admit that we might have touched the plants.

So we had a no snow day! We still had to wrap up warm and we still had a lot of fun!

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

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