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Friday 25 November 2011

Saturday is Caption Day

Yes you know the score. Look at the photo, go oh my goodness he is sooooo cute (looks like his dad) but don't get too distracted cause then you have to think of a caption.

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The Friday Song Choice.

Don't need to say much....it's Friday!

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Mummy at work

I was going to entitle this post excuse me but I have to work as I guess some sort of an apology for the lack of anything on my blog recently. The thing is is that I do have lots of thoughts and want to get lots down but well.....mummy's at work. I guess it takes time for anyone to settle into a new job, accept that the first few weeks you might make some mistakes and then you figure things out get on a roll and before you know it you've been working for a company for a few years...well it usually happens something like that for me anyway. Now though I am a family of three and work life balance has become hellishly complicated. 

It's not about struggling with the early mornings. 

It's not about fighting over who get's the car. Though I have unfortunately found out that without car my job is close to impossible to carry out.

It's not about being overwhelmed with work after only 6 weeks on the job.

It is a little bit about having to work late most nights and sometimes having to tell work I'm sorry I can't because I have to go pick up my son. Hubby will soon be more flexible with his time though so that will make that part a little bit easier.

It's a lot about missing my son and all the lovely time we used to spend together. He loves nursery as well so I don't really have that guilt. I actually don't feel guilty about working because it's good for me and keeps me sane. What is the saying? The grass is always greener on the other side. 

Tuesday 15 November 2011

The birth of my baby boy

So I have finally have an excuse to once again tell my son's birth story thanks to the wonderful actually mummy.  Whether it's a worthy read or not I'm not really sure after reading some others but whichever way you look at it it was a special and well rather unexpected day for me. 

Unexpected..... You see it was exactly two weeks before my due date when we thought we best go and collect the pram from the store. We had to rent a car to do that because we did not have one at the time. The plan I am now very surprised to say was to get a taxi to the hospital once I started having contractions. So on the morning of Saturday the 19th of February we headed out in the morning to collect the pram and then thought why not use this opportunity of having the car to head out and do some fun shopping for baby. After having a not so fabulous lunch out when I had funny feelings in my tummy I figured it was the food. The feeling wouldn't go away though all afternoon and felt like mild cramping. I shrugged the shoulders and said to hubby must be Braxton Hicks or something. My husband recollects me buying some book in ASDA and rocking from side to side while I was waiting to pay.

At home.......well things seemed to stop for a bit but really only for a bit. I was able to stand up and rock myself through the pain. I had a bath and took some paracetamol and tried to lie down. I was trying to be so nonchalant and even hubby was not overly concerned as he watched football and chatted to a friend. They were to go skiing the next day and he said to his friend that he would have to wait till the morning to confirm definitely as I was not "feeling well". We kept asking each other if we should phone the hospital but kept saying lets give it just one more hour. By that night I said maybe "something" was happening and we should time them...it was pretty regular only 2 minutes apart. At midnight we finally phoned. I explained that I thought "something" was happening and when I explained that "something" the midwife said it sounded like contractions but as I appeared to be managing at home to give it another hour. I had to admit that I thought it would be a lot more dramatic and a lot more painful. So much for knowing what a contraction feels like!

Half an hour later....my waters break. Now I finally understood the pain they talk about. Weren't we lucky to be able to jump in a car and head to the hospital. I was doubling over in the car begging hubby to drive faster. At the hospital I was 6cm dilated. The midwife commented that the contractions were obviously coming hard and fast. I could not stand, I could not sit, and I was oblivious to offers of gas and air.

Into the water........I sank happily finally being able to float and move about freely. It's funny it was only at arrival at the hospital that I finally decided to have a water birth and it was probably the best decision I ever made. I am sure on TV I have seen the midwife telling the mothers to push? So after a bit I finally admitted I felt like pushing and was surprised when she said just do what your body tells you. That is what I did for the next 2 hours. There was a lot of screaming and a lot of I can't do this. Hubby then whispered he could see the head. That was it really I was determined that this was my last push and my boy was coming out.

Hello Baby! I have to be honest my first thought was he looks just like his dad and I was so busy admiring him I had to be reminded to pick him up! Ooops. Now I can't let him go.

If you make it to the end of this one head on over to Actually Mummy for some other great reads.

Friday 11 November 2011

Saturday is Caption Day

Yeah I'm beginning to love Saturdays: If anything just to get to trawl through the pics of my son while endeavouring to find one that could come up with some interesting captions. So go on then give this one a go...what does this photo say to you? Leave a caption in the comments below.

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The Friday Song Choice

Ok seriously I don't have time to blog in the am anymore so this song choice is turning into late night renditions. So I arrived home this evening dreaming of going of my 3 pint quota tonight. Yes I was planning to be a bit of a drunkard tonight. Seriously this is the first weekend since summer since we have had babysitters...yes the in-laws are still here. Guess what?? Baby is sporting a fever. Remember the forever cold...well it's still here. So I am not quite sure whether to post an uplifting song cause it's been a tough week and it's Friday however you look at it. Or a sad song cause I can't go and explore my local....how about just something to sing rather loudly to!

Monday 7 November 2011

Mummy standards

There has been a lot happening in the parenting blogsphere recently. I never realised actually how tough the blogsphere could be until I peaked into this parenting blogsphere world. At first I thought it was just about the creative writing standards but it's not just how you write but what you write as well. It's hard for me considering I have never really thought about the judgements people might make about what I have written. I don't spend much time researching a topic before I run full speed ahead into commenting about how I feel about it. So I was a bit nervous when SAHDANDPROUD wrote this because I am soooooo one-dimensional and my grammar sucks and I don't often spell check. So please stop reading if you are expecting more (PS this is a plug for the great blog SAHDANDPROUD and I really hope he does not mind me mentioning him because there are probably rules about it which I have just broken). That though is actually the lighthearted bit because you see it seems people can actually judge my parenting standards on here! You see I know I'm not perfect and that means I can never be a perfect mummy. That is something which is actually kind of hard to accept and made the first few months with my son very overwhelming. You always think it's when you don't have enough love for someone that makes a relationship difficult but what if you just have too much of it that you are so scared to damage it. I have certain standards that I hope to achieve with my son...routines, good behaviour, being healthy, getting an education. Sometimes you become your own worst enemy with the guilt you lay on yourself when something goes wrong in achieving these standards that...well...you don't need someone else to point it out to you. I have lots of mummy standards and I can only hope that I can eventually achieve them...my son will hopefully have even higher standards than me.


Sunday 6 November 2011

Baby at work....

My son has always seemed to be busy doing something. The legs always seemed to be kicking for some reason. So when he started to roll I knew I was in for trouble. Now we are trying to crawl, rather unsuccessfully really, when the knees come up he ends up eating carpet and if he gets his arms straight his knees buckle, bless him. He somehow still manages to get from one side of the room to the other mind you so that is some success. When you sit beside him it does not take him too long to start grabbing at your clothes or reaching for your hands looking for you to help him stand. I mean I try and get him to sit down and he purposefully straightens his legs and back refusing to bend...he thinks he's being funny. Then of course it appears to be exciting to reach for anything that he is not supposed to be reaching for to play with. At first it's funny and you laugh then your baby proofing! 

Anyway here is my baby hard at work (and I know what's that you say...brinabird doing video!)

Ethans Escapades

Saturday 5 November 2011

Saturday is Caption Day

I'm already half way through my Saturday and just getting this post up! But I'm entertaining the in-laws without hubby...eek! Anyway I figure you all know the drill...what's this photo saying to you? Go on give it a caption you know you want to.........

Now go and join in some more mammasaurus fun! She's a great mum no matter what the ugly trolls say!

Saturday Is Caption Day

Friday 4 November 2011

The Friday Song Choice

HA! Friday is nearly over you say. Well I have literally just got in from work and only just managed to give my son a kiss goodnight. It's hard and I'll admit the first time it happened I cried. It was lots of tears...so many that my husband thought something serious had happened. Well it had...for me anyway. So I'm puzzling what song could really encompass how I'm feeling and well the song of choice is different than past. Maybe not what many would choose for a Friday night but anyway...

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