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Tuesday 29 October 2013

One night

One night
I heard his cry
The middle of the night
A little dazed, a little confused I go to him
I'm awake, he needs me
He's crying still
Gentle I caress his little head
"Mummy sleep with me"
I gently slide beside him on the bed
He puts his little arm around my neck
His eyes closed
His breathing evens out
Warm and gentle on my face
One night
He needs me

Sunday 27 October 2013

Reading with friends

It usually goes that if you can't hear your children that means they are up to something and it's not something good. A recent evening spent with friends my wee man and his good friend were doing very well at entertaining themselves. When I caught up with them it was nice to know that they were actually being quiet for a very good reason.

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Just us being #Countrykids

It's been a long time overdue since the wee man spent a day out together just us. We have had lots of time with family over the past few months which have been great and kept us otherwise busy. With a day actually forecast for being sunny I decided to take advantage and go a little further afield from home. We headed to Chatelherault Country Park which in fact is only a 30 minute drive away. We pretty much had the park to ourselves all day! I got to try out our new waterproof trousers which work a treat to keep you warm and dry and have the added bonus for making you go extra fast down the slide. It turns out playing with sand is not just a summer activity and it's possibly if not actually a bit easier to use when it's a bit damp and not blowing everywhere. It occupied the wee man for ages as he thought of different ways to play with it and even transported it around the park. We warmed ourselves up on some soup before I headed out for a walk with the wee man to get a sleep. I was at a slight disadvantage with the push chair and was warned that the paths probably would not be suitable but well I boldly went where I guess no push chair had gone before! The great thing of spending a day out with the wee man does mean I get to enjoy the fresh air and peace myself. It was muddy and rather bumpy and there were stairs but it ran peacefully beside the River Avon through ancient woodland and the sun showed it's lovely face. The wee man got to enjoy the tail end of the walk and played with sticks and "squelch, squerched" through the mud. A tiring and beautiful day with just us being country kids.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Wednesday 23 October 2013

I know my shapes

Well I have to give Mr Maker some credit...he got my son interested in shapes! You can look for shapes anywhere and make it a part of so many activities that it's a great thing for the wee man to have learnt. He has started pointing them out to me when we are out and about which makes us both rather pleased with ourselves. He knew of circle for a while and this probably has to do with the fact that it is the easiest to draw. Then there was a heart and star which were usually referenced in songs or books. With his language development it seems shape recognition has come as well and I was so pleased when about a month ago he was able to distinguish between, the circle, square, rectangle and triangle, Mr Maker's shapes. Usually if you ask him he can think of them without any references...unless of course you want to make a video of it for your blog! 

Ethans Escapades

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Celebrating Nonna's Birthday

This Sunday was Nonna's birthday. So after church we treated ourselves to a lovely lunch which was technically high tea. As it was a celebration we even got it with a glass of prossecco! It was yummy sandwiches and cake. Needless to see my wee man pretty much had cake for lunch. We went for a long walk after while the wee man snoozed popping in and out of local shops in the West End of Glasgow. We finally ended up at the Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum and were surprised with a live orchestral performance. A pretty well rounded day I would say and I think Nonna enjoyed herself.

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