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Monday 31 December 2012


It has been a hard year for me personally. I did not make any New Year resolutions and it was probably wise not to as the year brought me nothing I really expected. Actually I never really make resolutions as to be honest I never really keep them. That is how I can be start something enthusiastically and then lose interest midway. When I had the wee man he became the perfect excuse to simply just stop thinking of me. Being a mum suddenly defined me and there was no reason to worry about anything else as long as I did my best at this one new thing. As he gets older that becomes a lot more difficult to justify.

So I was thinking a lot about work life balance when I started 2012 as I had got a new job which slowly, well, drove me down. It only lasted a few months when I realised I would never be happy if I continued. I felt a lot of things and I guess the biggest feeling was of failure. I could not give the best to my son, my husband or myself. It took a lot to admit anything to others. Slowly with help I got back on some sort of track and presented some sort of semblance of happiness.

That was it though. Recently I had to press pause. It became obvious I was just stuck in a rut. As this year has come to an end I am left feeling slightly afraid. I let myself go. So I'm going to be brave and make a resolution. It's sounds quite simple, it's to believe in myself so that I have the strength to face 2013 head on. After all if I can take care of myself I will be much better off to take care of my family.

Friday 28 December 2012

Our Little Christmas

I guess our little Christmas started with a visit from some good friends. They were galavanting off to Italy for their holidays. The wee man got to open his first Christmas present and we are now firm Lego fans!

Christmas Eve mummy decided to bake some gingerbread cookies. I got the recipe from wee mans peppa pig Christmas magazine of all places. He had so much fun doing helping out that it might be a new Christmas tradition. Actually it was very much a family effort. Never mind that I discovered rather belatedly that we did not have any ginger! I did have Christmas themed cookie cutters though! They tasted very yummy if I don't say so myself.

As hubby is Italian we like to eat fish on Christmas Eve. He was in the kitchen all evening and turned out a wonderful meal for mummy!

Christmas morning there was no delay in opening the presents. Once the wee man got the hang of it there was no stopping him. Thankfully he still does not get the whole Santa thing except that he goes Ho Ho Ho. 

We went to Church on Christmas morning so we left the cooking till the wee man had a nap. We decided to wait till after wee man's nap to have a family Christmas tea which turned out really great. It was nice to be sat at the table together tucking in!

It really was a happy and merry Christmas. We were small in numbers but our hearts were full.

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