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Friday 24 August 2012

A real boy

I know that my wee boy was never wooden and he has always been real. Trust me there has been enough tears, pooing and sleepless nights to realise that. We have now reached 18 months though and somehow he is not a baby any more. Okay so he will always be MY baby but I think you know what I mean. If you are a parent you probably definitely know what I mean. It's not just what he is doing but how he is doing it. My wee man is proper asserting his independence now. As he toddles around I wonder where all his baby features have gone. He has his own little ways and loves that we find ourselves copying even when we probably should be discouraging. We have to be careful ourselves now as well as everything we do he has suddenly found very interesting and sometimes he just has to try it himself as well. These are exciting times!

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Thursday 16 August 2012

My water baby

I have a little water baby. Whatever container the water comes in the wee man usually wants to play with it. He loves his bath, washing his face and hands, pretty much anything that has to do with water. It is a great privilege to be able to take photos of him in his happy place.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

On yer bike!

So before Nonno officially became Nonno he has always dreamed of the day when he would get to take the wee man for a ride on his bike. Nonno is an avid cyclist you see and it is something he really wanted to share with his grandson. It was such a big dream that I was really scared the wee man was not going to enjoy it. Before arriving in Italy Nonno got his bike all prepared. We had a practice run with no issues and then they were off. When they came back it was still all smiles and I think it will be long while that Nonno will retell this tale of when my wee man went for his first ride with his Nonno on his bike. In Nonna's words "Nonno is the happiest man in the world".

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Tuesday 14 August 2012

See it Snap it Love it: Hidden

The theme for this weeks linky of See it Snap it Love it over at Dear Beautiful Boy  is Hidden. Man I have been a bit busy this week to actually think when I have been taking photos and I'm afraid looking at my recent holiday snaps I have come up with niente/nothing! The wee man though has really grown up for this holiday and I was thinking of the differences to the last time we were here and kabbam I remembered a picture. You see it was Easter when we were here last and one thing my hubby appreciates at Easter time is a Kinder egg not for the chocolate but for what's inside. My wee man was a bit overwhelmed by his huge Easter egg and then was further taken aback to find out that there was something hidden inside!

What's inside the Easter egg?

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Sunday 12 August 2012

Who's the doctor?

So the wee man is on the mend and what a difference it makes. Finally he is smiling and playing and nearly like his self again. During this illness it's amazing though how everyone has an opinion. Everyone had there own idea of what he may have. 
The nonni have previous experiences of illness of course. As soon as the red rash appeared the word morbillo/measles began floating around. Even I found myself checking Google because I wanted to play the part of doctor as well. Just in case you are wondering that is not a good idea.While I was phoning my sister, nonna was phoning her sister who has studied some medicine. I always trust my sister and whatever she prescribes I follow as you always get better. She said not to worry and continue what I was doing so I did. We should all have a doctor in the family. 
I guess though all mummy doctor wants is for the wee man to get better whatever the prescription!

Thursday 9 August 2012

A mothers worry

I have always thought and now I know for sure that you don't know the truth about motherhood until you become one, A MOTHER. You see it really is a secret club that they don't let you join until you go through the labour pains and enjoy the first week of sleepless nights. All you are entitled to know before that is the happy stories and if you are lucky maybe a bit of general bitching but this is accompanied by laughter because don't worry it's not all that bad. Now I have entered the club finally I KNOW THE TRUTH! 

The wee man has given me my fair share of worries which I have managed to work my way through. Finally though I have been met with a real challenge. I realise like with most feelings you hear others are feeling; as much as you can empathise you never really know what is going on inside. You see I thought I knew how to manage a sick baby until now. The hardest part is that you know they are not well but the only way they can really tell you is to cry and be generally miserable but they can't point to specifics so you are left guessing. At what point do the signs point to REAL danger! Nothing could have prepared me for what has happened in the past few days. 

I guess I should not scare you because according to the paediatrician here in Italy it's only a sore throat. I knew things were getting bad when after a long sleep in Gatwick while travelling on the plane to Italy he was still tired and just wanted to sleep. I could feel the heat emanating and was not surprised that once in Italy his fever clocked 38.9. Some paracetamol and bed he managed to make it though the night. The next day saw him refusing any food to pass his lips, I took this all lightly, still thinking maybe teeth until he refused his yoghurt. I decided a trip to the doctor would allay some fears and we were prescribed antibiotics and paracetamol. The damn fever just would not go away. That night he was at 40 and I thankfully had my sister to rely on to give some further advice. So with some ibuprofen and further doses planned through the night the wee man settled to bed.

It's a bit silly of me I guess but when I headed to my bed and I could smell the vomit without thinking I ran to his room. Yes I actually wondered if my little wee man was still breathing and had not choked while sleeping. Simply the worst thought ever. There he was whimpering in his sick. I did not even think about it I just said I want to take him to the hospital. A long story short, when given ibuprofen at the hospital the fever refused to abate so he stayed with me there for the night on a drip to keep him hydrated. He cried and cried as they searched for a vein. I'm the mummy so I had to be strong and be the comforter but the tears came to my eyes as I watched not able to stop his tears. Thankfully that night he slept. Today has been a long day but we are now home and the fever slowly fades away.

Its at times like these that make you understand what it means as a mother to worry about your child. That I can't always take risks when it comes to his health. That I want to be stronger than I can always be. That there is so much to being a mum that I'm learning everyday. I'm on this emotional roller coaster ride which I never ends.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Fun at the Glasgow Science Centre

So admittedly it's not the cheapest entry ever but it's yearly membership is not that scary and I think we might do it as it is so worth it! There is so much learning to do in such a fun way! It's a perfect adventure!

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Monday 6 August 2012

Climbing to new heights

It's one thing when the wee man was climbing onto the dining table. Now nothing stops him from giving it a go to get as high as he possibly can...he shows no fear. He likes to play with the big boys on the adventure playgrounds while mummy's heart is in her throat. It's a hard balance between stopping him and supporting him. Who knows...maybe it will develop into a talent that he can put towards good use. Any suggestions?

Sunday 5 August 2012

A new beginning

So I have started playing the proper role of stay at home mum. I was actually a bit nervous about it all and I'm not sure why. Recently I have been spending every Friday with the wee man and of course we have the weekends. I guess now it's not just about forward thinking to that one day of the week but planning for everyday of the week which is a whole lot different. It has been going great though and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. It's special to know that you are really not missing out on anything. It also adds a bit of pressure that you want to make sure each part of every single day is filled with something to do but that I am sure will pass. Hooray to great new beginnings.

I do though have to let you in on a secret. Today I am busy packing for a whole 4 week stay in Italy with the nonni so I am kind of cheating on the proper role of stay at home mum. This is proper rebooting of my battery time though. A part of my journey that I really need to go on still. Nonna asked me what my plans for the holdiay were and well I said sleeping, doing a bit of reading, getting some sun. The wee man will be way too busy with the nonni to worry about mummy! The first ten days is without the hubby, my Italian is pretty crap and the nonni speak no English. There will be a lot of figuring out and sign language going on and thankfully we have the wee man as a distraction. If you don't see a lot of blogging going on hopefully you will understand why. 

Friday 3 August 2012

The Friday Song Choice

As Jamaica celebrates 50 years of independence. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds...." Robert Nesta Marley, OM (1945 - 1981)

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