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Wednesday 29 February 2012

I have a friend

I have a friend that no matter how far away we are from each other she still seems close by. I have a friend that, even though the days may go by when we do not talk to each other, when we talk it's like yesterday. I have a friend that whatever the problem,  or when there isn't even a problem, who I know is always there. I have a friend that I want to say thank you to for being the best definition of a friend.

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Monday 27 February 2012

NCT: Through the year

Well here we are at the one year gate post and that meant an organised NCT group meet up. I guess I have never really spoke about my NCT experience on here. In one sentence I guess the best description for me is a hippy group talking about childbirth but it's not free. Actually we seriously debated the necessity of going but it was something most of the people I knew who had kids in the UK did so it had to be considered. Hubby questions anything the NHS offers so he was surprisingly up for it. NCT certainly appeared better at including the other half considering the one offered at the hospital for couples was only two visits. It's not a cheap choice though and you know as a couple we did not exactly fall into the "well to do" range. I was currently off work and we were surviving off one salary. The one thing everyone says about NCT though is that it is a great way to meet people and we were kind of short on those so that was the real push to do it really.

I can't really say that going to the classes prepared me for childbirth or my son. Not that anything could have really prepared me for childbirth or my son! That is probably the first thing they should teach you and not to be scared then to look for support after the fact. It's not just about the magical bonding time between you and your and baby, it's emotional and it's hard work as beautiful and as special as this time is. Ignorance though is not bliss and it is good to know what your body is going through and about interesting things like your babies poo. Of course you are encouraged to chat and get to know people...even though hubby did kind of struggle with all the group exercises though bless him he did take part. NCT is not something I would personally recommend but definitely tell you to consider it. There is certainly nothing like an NCT group meetup to realise just how much your baby has grown (and how hard it is to take a group baby picture)!

Friday 24 February 2012

The Friday Song Choice

Ok I am cheating today as I am posting two songs today...they speak for themselves really...just relax and enjoy this Friday....

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Memories in Landscapes

To choose a particular landscape that I love is actually quite hard. I must admit I think I come from one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Jamaica. I also honestly believe that I live in a very beautiful country Scotland. Then I love travelling and have seen so many beautiful places and taken pictures of so much scenery that bowls me over when I think about it. So can I cheat and choose a few....

Jamaica Land We Love

My first time skiing, San Cassiano, Italy

Isle of Skye, where hubby proposed

Honeymoon in Zambia, The Mighty Zambezi

New Zealand, 90 mile beach, Northland

My son's first landscapes, Italy
Many thanks to the lovely Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers Gallery prompt Landscapes for the memories....

Monday 20 February 2012


So there has been a bit of a party at our house for the weekend. Gifts started arriving on Saturday, we had a small party with friends on Sunday, and Monday evening we Skyped with the grandparents. We have opened the presents, read and re read all the cards, chewed on some balloons and most importantly my son has eaten lots of cake to his great pleasure. 

Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy! I hope he always remembers to keep smiling!

Friday 17 February 2012

The Friday Song Choice

Sam Cooke has been playing a lot this week and well it always happens to get stuck on this song. I already posted it on my facebook as I had to share it then as much as I have to share it now...

Wednesday 15 February 2012

The little changes

So as this week is all about preparing for the big number one of my son...I bought the wrapping paper for his present today with an actual tear in my eye...I can't help but think of the little changes that have been happening with him.  All the big things make you feel so great but sometimes the little things are just as impressive. 

  • We have had to cut his hair not once but twice already...that's actually strangely impressive when I tell other people.
  • He winks...I walked into nursery one afternoon and the girls were all excited...my wee man was winking at the ladies...okay he will wink at anybody really with initiation once you wink at him and he does it with both eyes. It really is the most endearing thing to see.
  • He points most of the times for things he wants now (actually maybe this can actually be classed as a big change). On the weekend just passed he clearly pointed to his water when he wanted some. Then after he was sitting with daddy so mummy could have her breakfast and he clearly pointed (rather vigorously) at what mummy was eating to say he wanted some...and how do I know that because he promptly left daddy and came crawling over.
  • He suddenly started holding his own cup and drinking his water quite happily without (okay maybe sometime he still needs a little bit) support! It's like usual, mummy worries cause he is not doing what he is supposed to be doing when they say he is supposed to be doing it and then suddenly he does it...you know without practising...it's just simply a good idea one day to just do it.
  • He is playing differently now...actually starting to put things together and not usual on a trail of mass destruction. Saying that you can always tell where my son has been. It's clear what his favourite toy is...all his books! He will stay for ages just browsing through them all and you can always tell when he is finally ready for you to read him one as he sits himself down legs stretched out listening.

Wow that's a lot of little changes....

Monday 13 February 2012

In 7 days


In one week, 7 days, 7 sleeps, my little man is going to be one. In one week, 7 days, 7 sleeps, I will have experienced a whole year of my son's life. Babies unfortunately don't come with training manuals and it's been a huge learning curve. Being a mother has been the hardest job I have ever undertaken but it's been the most amazing experience ever. The great thing about this type of work is that you don't need your baby to show you appreciation to experience the joy of it all you just need to be. Be me, be a mum, be a family. 

Saturday 4 February 2012

Head banger

This is a musical household so I guess we should not be surprised that we are raising a "head banger". The first time I thought it was a one off but nope whenever music is playing my son does his wee dance...bounce about and bangs the head. Actually he will do his dance to everything...we have a loud ticking clock in the kitchen and he even manages to bounce and head bang to that. We bought him some musical instruments for Christmas and boy have they gone down a treat. My hubby started singing one of my son's favourite songs just today and I asked him why that came to his head and he said "because that's what children bring with them along with happiness". The music has to be playing at some point of every day. Now though my little head banger has to learn not to touch the stereo when the music is playing!
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