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Tuesday 1 September 2009

An old school aquaintence

Do you remember having to read the 'classics' in school? Well for me one was "Jane Eyre"...an excuse to read a trashy novel really without the hot sex of course. The mad lady hidden in the attic, the rich man falling in love with the nanny. Of course that is not what we got to talk about while in class, instead I think it was about becoming the independent woman and rebellion.

Last night I watched the finale of the DVD BBC rendition of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. Again the rich man surprisingly marrying the underdog woman inappropriate in high society back in those days.Inappropriate as it does not suit a man of his position to marry a woman with no connections, the shock that he is doing it but simply out of love. How romantic! Of course Lizzie still reflected that rebellious independent woman. Marriage of course remained the strong theme here, the real question being who do you get to marry?

I myself just got married and it only took 10 years for my partner and myself to reach that point. There are so many options about these days: school, a job. You just don't need a man the way we used to. I lived with my partner for most of those 10 years as well...the scandal! Yet I still got married in the end and I love him. I even changed my name supposedly giving something of myself away. Yet I was able to choose it all and for me that is what mattered. I have chosen to share my life...so yes I need him.

I never did read "Pride and Prejudice" so it is now added to the booklist.

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