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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Getting on with being a family

Seriously trying to think of a better title to this post but that is the best way to describe what I have been doing with our little family life for the past few months....just getting on with being a family.

I vaguely remember now the days when my son had to have three naps a day...2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon and then about 30 to 45 minutes in the evening. One day he just did not have the evening nap and I guess that is how it all started. You see at nursery at first they were lucky to even get him to sleep the desired times at all. Now he does sleep, how long who knows...the big thing is...I'm actually not that bothered...I'm working so I can't...BUT I am not bothered at home either. You see if I decide to go out at the weekend my little man decides that there is just too much going on and sleep is relatively unimportant and I have lost the motivation to fight him or worry about it. On Christmas day he slept 3 hours at lunchtime and like hell if I was going to wake him up!

I vaguely remember fighting with my son to drink the required amount of milk each day. Then the fight to get him not just to drink milk but to eat at each meal time as well. All I was doing was trying to feed my son. So maybe these thoughts are actually not that vague. Now I am not sure how much milk he is drinking but I am pretty sure it is not the required amount. He eats now though and he actually eats relatively well. So what if at a few meal times the computer gets whipped out and we watch some regular Italian children songs to get him through the meal. These days it's whatever trick works best.

I am too busy to worry about what he should be doing because I am just enjoying all the new things he is doing. Crawling like a busy bee and getting into everything he shouldn't. We have a tooth and two others are soon to join it! We are standing up whenever we can. We are clapping our hands and dancing to the music. We are smiling, laughing, babbling our way into the New Year. We are too busy to worry cause we are just busy getting on with being a family.

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  1. it's funny this sounds more like second child syndrome, you've relaxed into being a parent and it's a very good thing! xxx


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