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Thursday 10 May 2012

Who's a smarty pants?

Yes that is my son...a smarty pants. I stopped reading the books about my son's development a long time ago so if he is not keeping up and doing what he is supposed to be doing then I don't know. I guess a small part of me hopes that if something is going wrong my gut would tell me or at least nursery. The point is though that all his new developments have caught me by surprise. What is happening is truly amazing to observe and see and I guess no book could have really explained to me how I would feel as I watched it happening. It started with the way he played...he was no longer my little destroyer but actually started building things! Then when we were in Italy his Nonna showed him how to blow a whistle and it only took the once for my son to turn into a rather contented little raver. 

It's the way he only has to see how something works once now and he is off doing it himself. It's so much more difficult to hide things and nothing these days appears to be out of reach. If he sees it and wants it...trust me he knows how to shout for it. Which now means I so have to watch what I do and I know very soon it will be watching what I say?! Often he appears to have lengthy conversations with himself and the best is when it's obvious that he is singing along with us and clapping his hands to all our favourite nursery rhymes and songs...we are all happily out of tune together. 

I'm loving every minute of my Mr Smarty Pants even if a little sad that he is growing and changing so quickly.

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