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Saturday 12 April 2014

Project 365 Days 96 - 102

It's the holiday edition this week. Enjoying great weather and the outdoor space while spending time with the nonni.

Day 96: Tractor ride

Day 97: Climbing trees

Day 98: Ladder climbing

Day 99: A spot of hide and seek

Day 100: Working the pedals

Day 101: Climbing is fun

Day 102: Bike rides with Nonno

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  1. brilliant all out door photos i love them! i like how he is counting for hide and seek while sneakily peeping through his fingers. i hope your second week of the holidays is just as much fun x

  2. Lots of outdoor fun from a very happy noy. He does love his outdoor time, it is written all over his face!

  3. Love all of these photos, the first tree one is fab! Lots of climbing this week :)

  4. I love that all of these pics are outdoors. The hide and seek picture is fab, he's having a little sneaky peek. x

  5. What a great collection of photos, looks like someone has been having a great time with nonna. Hope this week has been just as good :)

  6. Great photos. We have that tractor as well (indoors only here - we have an ebay wreck of one for outdoors play!).

  7. What a lot of happy faces there, it looks like you had a lovely week.


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