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Sunday 15 March 2015

Project 365: Days 46 - 73

Day 46: Family

Day 47: Cosy

Day 48: Pancake Day

Day 49: Comfy with Nonna

Day 50: Selfie

Day 51: Happy birthday wee man

Day 52: Park life

Day 53: My boys

Day 54: A perfect place

Day 55: Nappy change

Day 56: Together

Day 57: Chocolate attack

Day 58: Letter fun

Day 59: It's a romp

Day 60: Bouncy

Day 61: Multi tasking

Day 62: Helping out

Day 63: Hands

Day 64: Snuggly

Day 65: What you looking at? 

Day 66: Dreamer

Day 67: Climbing 

Day 68: Early mornings

Day 69: She sleeps

Day 70: Spring is coming

Day 71: Content 

Day 72: Cuddles 

Day 73: Slurp

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  1. Gorgeous photos as always, hope you are all settling into being a family of four!

  2. wow that is some bumper edition. lovely photos, hope things with a newborn aren't too hectic xx

  3. Great photos. Congratulations on your new arrival, a little princess. Happy Birthday to your little man. Hope you are all well and are not too tired x x

  4. Beautiful photos, your little girl is so gorgeous and your wee man is as cute as ever :) Hope you're all doing okay xx

  5. Wowee your baby is absolutely gorgeous! Some really lovely portrait shots to reminisce over. Wonderful. x

  6. how lovely to see this update and to see she seems to be settling well. Nice to see the two of them together, the cuddles pic is nice and ahhhhhhh at Dreamer - she is so adorable.
    Nice to see you getting out and about to the park to blow the cobwebs away.
    Hope you enjoyed having the grandparents there to help.
    laughed at daddys multi tasking.

  7. Wow! Another blogger baby, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations :) Great stream of photos of your beautiful brood :) x

  8. What a gorgeous roundup. Congratulations! Love the posing on shoulders and your son at a gate. Hurrah for nappy changes and cuddles.

  9. Plenty to catch up with there! How lovely to have your little boy willing to help out with his new sister :)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful family.... how cute is your wee baby girl.What a special time for you all. X

  11. Congratulations. He is gorgeous. I love that he features in most of your photo's! x

  12. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  13. Oh dear I have been lax in my visits and comments.. I didn't realise you'd had the baby!! Well Congratulations! She looks like shes doing well. :)


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