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Monday 15 June 2015

Siblings in June

I always new the wee man had a genuine caring nature. So I should not be surprised about his genuine love and care for his sister.

 There is great comfort in being able to leave the room and knowing I can trust him to look out for her. I love the moments best when you catch him unawares entertaining her. He will sing for her, read her a story and get her toys. She loves it too as she has huge smiles. She is hard work my diva too but he takes it all in his stride. He has gotten so much better at entertaining himself now which really helps too when she is being extra demanding of my time. It's been great remembering with him all that he used to do as she plays with his old toys. 

There have even been secret kisses and he does not generally do kisses these days. I am really enjoying watching this relationship grow.

dear beautiful


  1. Aww how sweet that she gets secret kisses!! What a lovely big brother!

  2. He sounds like he is being a wonderful big brother. Secret kisses, lucky girl :)


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