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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My School Boy

So I have officially ironed my first uniform, baked my first cake and now he has brought home a story sack. I can't say he started school with great eagerness and well if you ask him he will probably tell you that school is terrible! I think secretly though he is actually enjoying himself and has quickly made friends. We were overly proud when he was the first star of the week! Supposedly he has been very eager and helpful.

For me it has been amazing watching the learning process. It's completely different to what I know so I am learning as well. We have already started reading short sentences. What is even better is how much it excites him and how much he wants to do it. Practising his writing is a new favorite

I was pretty nervous about our first parents teachers meeting but I think we all passed with flying colours. His teacher speaks very positively about him. I'm really proud of my school boy and can't quite believe how grown up my wee man has become.

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