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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Green Spaces, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a city which usually gets harsh reviews from those who visit for short periods and I guess you can't blame them if you consider the experience of NZ as a whole. Auckland in comparison does not have as much to offer. What I have quickly come to realise though is that the experience of staying here for an extended visit and a holiday are very different.

I usually have a lot of free time on my hands during the week. This free time has given me the opportunity to explore this city of Auckland and the more I experience the merrier I am. What I have quickly come to realise is that you are always pretty close to a park and I love it. It is because there are usually kept pretty clean? Is it because you are not usually intimidated by local alcoholics or drug users? Or is it simply because even though summer is slipping away you still get so many beautiful days that draw you outside to experience them? It is great to know you don't have to go very far to sit outside for lunch in the sunshine...I am full of vitamin D!

Western Park, Ponsonby

Maungawhau, Mount Eden

Myers Park

Alberts Park

Western Springs

Auckland Domain

A small selection of my favourites...one of my favourite things...Auckland's green spaces!

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