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Tuesday 25 May 2010

My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk

Well I just can't do this book justice, it was like being back at school where I wanted to ask the teacher questions of what exactly is this trying to say. I feel like it went up and beyond me and I think it has a lot to do with the way it has been written or translated anyway. It actually took me a while to read and I had to struggle at times not to give up as I really wanted to grasp it's depth and meaning but at times I felt I was losing. So I guess I never really lost myself in this novel to fall in love with it.

Strangely though I know I have to recommend it. The story itself has many levels of different themes. At it's heart it is a murder mystery set in the late 16th Century but the question is why was someone murdered? On it's second level it's about the philosophical differences between European and Islamic art and a clash of cultures in times of change. There is a lot of discussion on art and it's detail is impressive so if this is your topic of choice it will probably have high appeal. Mingled in between are themes of love and identity. 

So its a bit slow and offers a challenge but it is an interesting read.

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