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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dress Code

So it takes nothing like a rainy day here in Glasgow to make me think that I am and always will be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I grew up a tomboy and hated dresses! I ran around the streets playing cowboys and Indians with bare feet. I did not understand why girls wanted to wear bikinis because you could not swim properly in them so what was the point! I must have been in my teens before I finally gave in to that one. Even to this day I have to get it out my head that you don't have to be going somewhere special just to wear a dress. Admittedly it has only been in the past few years that I have actually started wearing dresses when I go out.

Nowadays to make matter worse I hate heels and love wearing trainers...I have my favourite black pair which hubby despises and not so secretly wishes he could throw away...but they are so comfortable even if they have holes in the bottom (ok so I was not wearing them today). I mean I guess I should be thankful for ballet slipper type shoes but then you can't wear those with socks...and it's not like summer here rages often...and well if my feet are cold the rest of me are cold! I guess at least my boots are pretty stylish as winter draws closer.

Speaking of winter, I always thought that meant you were allowed to start wearing layers. I cannot comprehend how girls can go out clubbing in there skimpy little dresses here in the UK with their arms crossed like that is going to keep them warm! What I find even more impressive is the layers of make up girls are able to wear not just to go out, not just to go to work but pretty much 24/7. You know when they go camping and wake up every morning to apply the layers before they head to the beach or to go hill walking or to participate in extreme sports. I see them at the gym as well??? I always thought that was the time I could actually get away without having to worry about such things. Nowadays they have extravagant hairstyles to go with the overall style as well...so does that mean they are not allowed to go swimming as well. These are the kind of girls I always wonder if they actually own a t-shirt and a pair of shorts!

So sadly I have never and possibly never will be really all that stylish. I always say to hubby that I need to get me a personal shopper to sort me out.

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  1. i totally agree with you and am exactly the same, maybe thats cos we're cousins?! Nothing better than a comfy pair of jeans and trainers, a bit of a fancy t-shirt and that's me dressed up!


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