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Wednesday 22 September 2010

A sunny day in Scotland

You know if it wasn't for the weather I think we would really appreciate Scotland even more. We have never tried to deny how beautiful Scotland is and enjoy having guests and being able to show them around. For us it usually means getting out of the city and getting into the 'countryside'. I think hubby survives living in Scotland by being able to go walking and he has certainly bagged his fair share of Munro's. I will quietly admit my fear of heights and scrambling but I do venture out myself on the more less intimidating. The great thing as well is that you don't usually have to travel that far if you don't want to. We had already rented a car for the weekend anyway as we had Sunday plans so we thought we had to go somewhere on Saturday as well.

First thing that morning the sun was not exactly shining :( Yet for some reason we would not be defeated. So hoping for the best we head for Balloch along Loch Lomond for a pub lunch...yes a huge favourite of mine! We had been to a local pub/hotel before for food and it was not bad and it is very close to Balloch Country park so that if the weather cleared we had the benefits of going for a walk so off we headed.

First stop was Balloch House for lunch. It was a rather pleasant experience and the food and service was good. It probably helped that as soon as we arrived the sun came out. So with our bellies full yes with an amazing chocolate brownie for dessert we head along the path for a meander along the shores of Loch Lomond through Balloch Country Park.

I can't help but comment though that it is such a shame they don't use Balloch Castle as the views over the Loch are great and the park is very well maintained. Today for the first time as well we discovered the walled garden. Lots of dog walkers, a bag of tourists and even a few families picnicking as well.

A great way to enjoy a sunny day in Scotland.

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