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Sunday, 10 July 2011

O slavery days

So yes I have done it.....I have finally finished a book after my son arrived in February. There always seemed something else to do until now. What a great restart as well with The Long Song by Andrea Levy.

I love reading books based on my Island (yes anyone that comes from Jamaica tends to have a feeling of ownership of the island) and it's history and culture. So from the start I was biased and new that it had to be really bad for me not to enjoy it. Honestly though I think it is a fair judgement to write that it is a worthy read. 

Don't let the subject topic of slavery put you off because though it does not hide the hardship and ugliness of slavery it's actually also a humorous read. It's a perspective you forget, that people were finding a way to live their lives in slavery for what Andrea Levy reminded me was 300 years. I loved pretty much all the characters and Andrea Levy is so good at portraying them that by the end of the book I had a visual picture of them which I really enjoy. I was a bit distracted at times when the story was broken as the story teller brings us back to real time but it made the story more personal so in a way I think I understood why it was done.

 Guardian review

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