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Monday 11 July 2011

Life's little pleasures

So summer has decided to grace us here in Scotland. Admittedly it's not blazing sunshine but short sleeve and a light cardigan gets one by most of the time. So I have been getting out and about with my son to enjoy it. I can tell he is growing up now as before when we used to go out it meant sleep time to him but now I can actually push him about and he's awake. It also means unfortunately that I can't guarantee he will take his nap now by just going out for an hour or two. 

We go to the park equipped to get out of the pram and onto the grass. We have a lovely blanket gifted to us by my sister. It's actually a zoobie called lily the ladybug and I never new she would be so useful! I also go with a handful of toys which turn out to be not so useful. You see all I need to do is find some shade underneath a tree and hope for the wind to blow and then well I can just leave my son to it. His face takes on the best expression of anticipation, he says 'hah', then the legs go and he is happy as a pig in mud.

My son reminded me of one of life's little pleasures.......watching the leaves on the trees blow in the wind.

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