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Monday 7 November 2011

Mummy standards

There has been a lot happening in the parenting blogsphere recently. I never realised actually how tough the blogsphere could be until I peaked into this parenting blogsphere world. At first I thought it was just about the creative writing standards but it's not just how you write but what you write as well. It's hard for me considering I have never really thought about the judgements people might make about what I have written. I don't spend much time researching a topic before I run full speed ahead into commenting about how I feel about it. So I was a bit nervous when SAHDANDPROUD wrote this because I am soooooo one-dimensional and my grammar sucks and I don't often spell check. So please stop reading if you are expecting more (PS this is a plug for the great blog SAHDANDPROUD and I really hope he does not mind me mentioning him because there are probably rules about it which I have just broken). That though is actually the lighthearted bit because you see it seems people can actually judge my parenting standards on here! You see I know I'm not perfect and that means I can never be a perfect mummy. That is something which is actually kind of hard to accept and made the first few months with my son very overwhelming. You always think it's when you don't have enough love for someone that makes a relationship difficult but what if you just have too much of it that you are so scared to damage it. I have certain standards that I hope to achieve with my son...routines, good behaviour, being healthy, getting an education. Sometimes you become your own worst enemy with the guilt you lay on yourself when something goes wrong in achieving these standards that...well...you don't need someone else to point it out to you. I have lots of mummy standards and I can only hope that I can eventually achieve them...my son will hopefully have even higher standards than me.


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  1. I think everyone has aspirations that are unobtainable, but I think that's what makes a good parent - someone who cares so much it hurts. I know I do and I hope I'm a good parent.

    SAHDandproud is a funny guy, but we can't all be the blogger he is. I don't research as much as maybe I should, because when I need to say something I need to say it now! All the passion would be gone if I let it settle!

    So don't worry what other people think :-)


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