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Saturday 17 May 2014

Project 365: Days 131 - 137

Day 131: The ice cream is not finished till you drink the liquid at the bottom of the bowl!

Day 132: Da solo!

Day 133: Tired

Day 134: Adventurous

Day 135: Cupcake break

Day 136: Carrying out his own risk assessment.

Day 137: Blow painting

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  1. lots of park play there! Fab x #365

  2. some beautiful photos honey i love the one of him drinking the mushy ice cream i so remember doing that as a child! xx

  3. Looks like he's had lots of adventures this week!

  4. Another gorgeous set of photos, love the one of him slurping the melted ice cream from the bowl; just what Little A does and then she has a chocolate moustache! X

  5. Great collection! Difficult to choose favourites, but absolutely love risk assessment :) Great shot on the climbing frame too x

  6. Wow! It's definitely a week for being a dare devil, lol, love them all :)

  7. risk assessment is a vital part of growing up, and sometimes they misjudge which helps them get it right the next time. Nice to see him out and about in the park a lot, the weather has been brill for it. Bubble painting is always fun unless they forget and suck instead of blow.

  8. blow painting wow i had forgotten about that! and he is a boy after my own heart getting every last drop of ice cram out fo his dessert bowl x

  9. What an absolute daredevil he is becoming; how wonderful! I love the 'tired' photo, most comical even if he does look like he needs surrounding by cushions in case he just drops!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  10. What lovely photos, looks like you had loads of adventures this week. It always freaks me out when one of my two gets close to the top of one of those rope climbing frame things!


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