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Wednesday 21 May 2014

Spring Discovery

With you arrives many changes and with you came a new adventure . A wee man with admirable determination testing new grounds. Yet with all the sunshine for new growth you also need a bit of rain. The wee man has had to work through his fair share of frustrations. He wants to do it all by himself but still needs a little bit of help.

New growth needs a little bit of everything and you have reminded us of that. It can't always be his way and we are learning to work through the tantrums and tears. Yet with each hurdle comes proud moments. It's been learning about balance and choosing wisely our battles.

Your longer days have brought us lighter feelings. Special cuddles and I love yous. Now the wee man always wants to spend time with friends and fun means playing with others. Longer days means more time outdoors and a time where we can step back, watch and admire. It's about taking new risks and facing fears.

What can I say Spring you have opened doors to new discoveries.

I'm joining in with Older Mum (In A Muddle) and her beautiful seasonal linky One Week. A few words and photographs reflecting our experience of Spring 2014

one week

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  1. Gorgeous post, and I feel your pain; they can't have it their way all the time, and we have to ride out their tantrums and frustrations, but it will have been all worth it in the end when, hopefully, they grow into well rounded individuals. Beautiful words and pictures - love him on the back of Grand dad's bike! Thank you for linking up. X


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