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Saturday 14 June 2014

Project 365: Days 159 - 165

Day 159: Kite flying

Day 160: Smiles

Day 161: End of the Day

Day 162: Traveling

Day 163: Sandy Toes

Day 164: Water Play

Day 165: Digging

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  1. Lovely photos as ever. Where did you travel to? Looks like a road to Cornwall to me. Hope you're having a fab holiday.

    1. Driving to Sheffield on the A66. We are actually moving there and we were going to view our new house for some measurements and exploring.

  2. love the action shot of kite flying, looks so determined!! x

  3. OOh I love the traveling pic, it makes me miss home so much, lol. The smiles pic is adorable and so are your slippers :)

  4. oh my gosh that kite flying is so so cute! i love those diggers we saw some similar for the first time this week x

  5. Great to have nice weather and have so many shot outdoors in the sunshine :)

  6. Gorgeous sunny photos! & your bath baby <3
    Love the A66 drive too :-)

  7. That looks like a lovely picturesque road to be travelling down. Love the kite flying photo too.

  8. Love the travelling photo - looks like a beautiful area and you can't beat sandy toes!

  9. love those sandy toes and the fascination with water picture. looks like a great week for being out and about x

  10. Gorgeous. And I can't believe how much he has grown and matured in his face. He's certainly not the little toddler anymore! X


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