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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Boscopark-Parco Aventura, Italy

After a good search hubby came up with something different to do with the wee man during our holiday in Italy. We headed to Boscopark-Parco aventura in Bosco Chiesanuova which is about an hours drive from Verona up into the mountains. It is basically the Italian version of Go Ape. Considering our wee man's love of climbing we figured he would enjoy it and that he certainly did.

There are a variety of courses depending on size and the wee man was perfect for the baby course. It was 5 euros and you could go around for as many times as you like. The guys give a great safety demonstration and spoke directly to the wee man while we listened on. It was a tentative start as he figured things out but was racing around by the second go. He was pretty keen to try the higher course but thankfully for my nerves he was too short. They had a tester run so at least the wee man figured this out for himself. After we had a picnic lunch at a local park before walking into town to treat the wee man to a big bowl of ice cream! I was so proud of my wee man! 

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