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Thursday 28 August 2014

Parco Natura Viva, Italy

My wee man has fallen in love with the Lion King Disney movie. With it he became a lot more interested in animals. Specifically I got a request to take him to see the animals in Africa. If only fulfilling such a request were easy! On holiday here in Italy he became enamoured with a book about all the different animals in Africa. Daddy decided to treat us to a day trip then to Parco Natura Viva near Pastrengo by Lago di Garda. It is a zoological park which covers about 64 hectares. There is a safari drive where you see the larger African animals and then the fauna park where you walk. We chose a cooler day which I think made the visit a lot easier on the wee man's small legs. We also arrived early which meant we missed the traffic which was cueing heavily behind us. We too took our time driving around and had fabulous views of the animals. The wee man was so excited when he saw hyenas and said the giraffes were his favourite. There are lots of bars and picnic areas spotted around the park while you are walking to take well needed breaks and a play park which broke up the time nicely for the wee man. The park is heavily committed to preservation and it's really well maintained with lots of space for the animals to roam freely. This did mean that sometimes while walking around you may miss some of the animals and the wee man said his least favourite thing about the day was not getting to see the wolf. An extra bonus is the Extinction Park where you get to see life size dinosaurs, it was so much better than a museum. It's a great day out and the wee man loves his guide book where he now gets to show everyone the animals he has seen. Don't worry we still haven't forgotten the Africa request though. 


  1. ooh I love the extinction park, Max would too!!!

  2. It's so lovely when they start getting into animals! My LG is just getting into this phase and suddenly the zoo is so much fun!! xx


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