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Thursday 1 January 2015

Project 365: Days 355 - 365

So I have made it to the end. It's been hard going from the summer with our move to Sheffield and managing what seems to be a rollercoaster ride of a 2nd pregnancy. Dare I say see you next year?

Day 355: His favourite spot

Day 356: Cookies for Santa

Day 357: I am too cool

Day 358: Ready for Santa with a promise he has been good.

Day 359: Opening presents 

Day 360: Snow!

Day 361: Snow at Endcliffe Park

Day 362: He just loves the stuff! 

Day 363: Hear me roar!

Day 364: Weeeeeeeeee 

Day 365

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  1. oh my your only up the road from us if your sheffield! .. how did i not know! (it takes about 35 mins to Sheffield from us)

    What a fantastic year 2015 will be with a new arrival :-)

  2. You are in Sheffield, you are round the corner!

  3. I did not realise you had left Glasgow, sorry I have not kept up with you. Mind you would not have had the snow up here. Some great snowy pics there and a very happy face.
    Yes I can hear him roar, and I love that last pic - so cute, not long now hun. Look forward to seeing more of you in 2015, happy new year to you and yours

  4. Oh my, the shoes!! Love it! Beautiful snow pic at the park too. Looks look your little one had a fab Christmas. Keep going next year so we can have daily snaps of your new baby ;)

  5. Great achievement! I was tempted to start 365 this year but know I'd never keep up. Love the last photo! x

  6. Your boy is growing so quickly. Can't wait to see pictures in 2015 of the new arrival. So keep going!!
    Happy New Year! x


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