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Monday 12 January 2015

Project 365: Days 4 - 10

Day 4: Dr Seuss fan! We visited the book store today with some Christmas money and the wee man was very excited when Daddy spotted these!

Day 5: A morning at the Western Park Museum

Day 6: Climbing 

Day 7: Bump kisses 

Day 8: Down time 

Day 9: It's only a trim but SO needed

Day 10: Reading with Daddy 

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  1. We love Dr Seuss too. I love the bump kisses photo.

  2. Dr Seuss is great. Your bump is coming on mighty fine! And I love your chair and lamp :)

  3. Great pics! What an awesome bump shot!

  4. Lovely set of pictures. The bump kisses picture is particularly sweet. I do love the climbing wall one too! x

  5. aaahhhh at the bump kisses, thats lovely. Good choice with the Christmas money, a child can never have too many books. The climbing wall looks lots of fun, great colours on it. We all need some down time

  6. i had no ideas you are pregnant wow congratulations :) lovely photo of your big boy kissing your bump.
    he is really good at wall climbing x


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