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Thursday 16 March 2017

For the love of mud and swings

Well the Diva has definately reached that stage where she can't pass a muddy puddle without jumping in. The muddier the better. We literally live in our wellies now just in case! She has also discovered the joys of sticks and stones and playing with water. It's great that our local parks have rivers running through them so we can go for walks getting closer and down right dirty with nature! I love how she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Even I tend to come home after one of our outings covered in mud. It's also a good distraction from our other passion 'the swings'.

She has an interesting obsession in trying every swing and then turning to face different ways, there is obviously a subtle difference in each swing that I just don't get. The higher she gets to go the better. I'm afraid she is the child that hogs the swings and refuses to give anyone a turn. I just manage to convince her that the slide is just as good but after one shot she is racing over again! 

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