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Monday, 22 March 2010

It's better fresh

Hubby and I love fish! So how happy were we when we were in Glasgow to find a small fish monger close to home. I personally don't think that Scottish supermarkets really serve the best quality and it certainly never justifies how much you spend so this made it extra special. If you are ever in Glasgow and have a reason to go you seriously have to check it out, the Fish Plaice! A small family business they are all really friendly and you watch the fish come in fresh everyday.

So it wasn't long while we were in Auckland before we had to go and check out the infamous Fish Market in Westhaven. Possibly a bit more upmarket, offering it's own cooking classes and sporting a selection of cafe's and restaurants, the fresh fish still remains the star of the show!

My advice if you are going to buy fish, it's better fresh, from the fishmonger!

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