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Monday 8 March 2010

Are your photos safe?

The great thing about going on holiday is to take pictures of where you have been! I mean especially now with digital you don't even need to worry about how many you take because you can delete delete delete when you get home. I know you will probably disagree and say it is about relaxing, seeing and exploring new things, having fun with friends....but if you can't take pictures of it all something is missing! I don't know if it is simply because you have a record which you can enjoy again and again, as proof to friends and families that you have been somewhere 'cool', 'interesting', 'different' so they can share in your fun or just simply be jealous of you. Or maybe it is because we knew we took some really great pictures of things my husband and I have never seen before and now it seemed we had nearly lost them all...

So the story goes that recently hubby and I went on holiday to the South Island of New Zealand. It was an 11 day campervanning tour. We had just visited Christchurch, Dunedin (where we saw a whole host of animals in thier natural environment...I might save this for another post), done the Southern Coastal Route, the Te Anau and Milford Highway and here we were on a boat tour of Milford Sound. It was at the end of the tour that hubby came to me with a rather tearful look in his eye and showed me the screen on the camera 'CF CARD ERROR'. Well my heart dropped to my toes and I think I was ready to cry right there. All the spectacular things we had taken pictures of just gone...I mean over 1000 pictures!!!!

That afternoon rather downhearted, unsure if we could go any further, we entered the photo shop to meet a man who ended up being our saviour. I was very seriously tempted to hug him right there. He was able to retrieve our photos from the card and save the pictures on to a CD for us. I have added a few said photos for your viewing pleasure. While we were waiting for the CD, there was this sign outside the shop which read....

Are your photos safe?

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