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Monday 8 March 2010

Variety is the spice of life

Well so it is said, which is maybe why I am up for trying out all different types of accomodation when I go on holiday. All part of the experience right?

I have been camping...in the sunshine in Croatia mind you....with decent facilities. I've heard stories of camping in the rain....something about using a shovel to dig a trench around the tent...say what? I have always wondered why hubby is not too keen to go camping in Scotland. I think my worst story is when we were overrun by ants.

I have been hostelling. Well it's usually an excuse to spend our money in the evenings fine dining instead :) During a trip to South Africa our hostel was literally a train and there was one right on the beach. It is supposed to be a great way to meet people which doesn't help if we are somewhat anti social. I don't mind sharing shower facilities but I am not too keen on the dorm rooms.

I have done hotels and B&Bs, many with very different reviews. I stayed at a 5 star hotel on the Isle of Skye which blew us away especially as that is where hubby proposed. Now I understand why we were treating ourselves so well. I have stayed in self catering apartments, once in the mountains in Italy with the most amazing views and in Lanzarote with a pretty cool roof patio and which meant we did not have to stay in one of those huge hotels. While on honeymoon in Africa I stayed once in a banda and in a 'chalet' both with shower and toilets outside to enjoy the views and share with the animals.

So finally it was about time we went on holiday in a camper van for our visit to the South Island of New Zealand. It seemed to be actually a very popular way to do it and they tended to be the vehicles we would meet along the road. We were a bit apprehensive at first but soon realised how easy was. Yes even the visits to the dump stations were quickly mastered. The flexibility is great as you take your home with you and you only have to unpack once and then pack again at the end. We were very good and cooked mostly ourselves and there was always a cold beer in the fridge! So if you don't mind driving a big vehicle and going a bit more slowly on the roads this might be an experience for you.

Maybe my next spice should be camping in the wild.......


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  2. My one experience with camper van accomodations was also in NZ and was mostly positive, though occasionally a little too cozy for a family of four on a week-plus holiday. This past week we added "ferry cabin B&B" to our list. But my most exciting (and slightly cold) stay remains the night I spent, years ago, with three others in our hand-built snow cave!


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