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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Egg and Bacon Pie or a Donut?

That my dear friends is the difficult question I always get to ask myself when I visit a local bakery in New Zealand. Sometimes I don't even bother to choose and just get both! Hubby and I discovered that this is one of the greatest things that you can do on your visits to this country...seriously! It started from our visit to the Coromandel and now it's like 'we can always just stop at a bakery for breakfast' when we are travelling. Whatever you do don't expect any granduer from the exterior or necessarily a comfy seat, it's what they serve that matters. Sweet or savoury, local bakeries tend to have them all and whenever, wherever we have stopped it has always tasted good. I mean who can resist a donut overloaded with cream or a bacon and egg pie heavy on the bacon. Whatever I choose I am never willing to share either...so hubby had to get one of his own.

My bakery of note is Munchie's Deli Bakehouse in Coromandel town...for breakfast, lunch or dinner! We were based in Coromandel Town and pretty much made it there every day for our visit.

My favourite activity early in the morning when travelling in New Zealand....stopping at a local bakery!

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