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Monday 7 June 2010

In transition

One thing they always talk about in my line of work is managing change. I guess when you are supporting/helping/giving advice to another person, it's usually in a time of change. This can be an uncomfortable and difficult time for the young people I support. I think though it is something everyone can identify with:  trying to stay in control in a time of change.

So I was not surprised when hubby brought up recently how he did not like this phase we were entering in, he called it being in transition. After being away for a long time it's not so simple to just pack the suitcase and leave. Even packing is not so easy as we have been away for so long. I have already started thinking about what I can get rid of so our load will be a little lighter. Then there are those things which some people I guess refer to as lose ends which need tying up. Our being forced to move for the last two months into a long stay hotel which we can simply walk away from does not seem so bad any more.

This is only part of the transition though. The other part is the reminiscing about what we have experienced here during our stay. In many ways we don't really want to leave. In social work I guess they call this experiencing loss. We have attempted to dampen this by stopping in Italy for two months for our second summer experience.

Finally there is what's ahead....one transition at a time I think.

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