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Friday 6 August 2010

Not just any hot chocolate

Yesterday was a rather rainy day in Verona. After all the hot weather we have been having here it was a nice break. This morning I have now woken up to the sun but a nice cool breeze which I hope continues for the rest of our time here which is actually quickly coming to an end. Last night after dinner the practice is usually an expresso but I felt for something rather different and requested to hubby's somewhat surprise a hot chocolate or should I say "Cioccolata Calda". Seriously its not just any hot chocolate and an Italian experience I promise you will never forget.

It starts with proper powdered chocolate (the first big difference, not this sweetened powdered stuff) mixed with a little bit of cold milk before putting it on the fire (it's in a pot at this point by the way) and then you had more milk. Then you add some potato starch which is used to thicken the liquid (the second big difference). It requires continuous stirring until it reaches the desired consistency of thick dark melted hot chocolate which you could technically 'drink' with a spoon.

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