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Thursday 5 August 2010

She' Come Undone by Wally Lamb

Ok so maybe this was not exactly light summer reading to choose for when you go on a beach holiday but it was the only book that I had at the time. I have to admit that I said to hubby that yes I am reading another depressing book this summer. It certainly isn't a lighthearted read. Actually while reading it I found myself continuoulsy thinking of my time doing my social work degree, all the new ideas I learnt about youth and family, being on placement and trying to understand people so that you can support people, learning that people really want support but at the same time push that support away and how difficult it is sometimes to admit you need support. Actually there was often debate around the term support and how stigmatised it is in today's society that to admit you need support means that something is really wrong with you and well who wants to admit that. But this is a digression and was a personal journey through the book for me.

The focus of the novel is around the character of Dolores Price and you are taken on her very difficult journey from childhood to adulthood, age 4 to 40. Her character is whole and real and honest that I can promise you when you put the book down you will never forget her. Just as you think things start getting better for Dolores something crops up to take it all away again. Sometimes I wanted to crawl into the book and hold her and admittedly shake her. She make's you want to laugh, she make's you want to cry, and sometimes she is so cynical and sarcastic you wonder what this life is really all about. It seems many people had to remind themselves that a man wrote this novel...is such a thing possible as a man understanding a woman's psyche.

As I read the book I unravelled with Dolores but was still left hopeful. A faultless read.

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