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Monday 1 August 2011

A moving story

No not a story of the sentimental type but literally a moving story. It explains my long silence as I have had to survive without the internet! I am not a fan of Packing and so the fact that I had to do it with a baby gave me the shivers before I even started. So....

  1. My first piece of advice to anyone moving with a baby is to start as early as possible packing away all the non essentials that you can get by without. I was rather lazy and started the week of the move which meant that I was packing boxes while hubby was packing boxes into the van. I had no excuse either as we were renting and that meant that most of the essential items actually belonged in the flat! 
  2.  We also have a lot of very non essential items as well. So another piece of advice is don't keep things you really don't need....so if you are a hoarder and hate throwing things away well all I can say is "God help you"! I just kept discovering stuff in all these little nooks and crannies...I also realised I had not even completely unpacked stuff from our initial first move...the excuse being that I will use this stuff when we eventually buy a house........
  3. It does not help to discover that every time you start to use some tape or tear some paper your baby starts to cry! So I guess another piece of advice is be prepared to take any chance you can get to pack things away. This was one of the times I really wished we had a babysitter....a relative...anyone who could have helped us out! Hubby arranged so we had 3 days to move from one flat to the other...give us time not just to move but to go back and clean the old flat. I questioned it at first and then was relieved we did it later. Coordinating it around his naps and feeds was great fun...honest! I became very creative in getting my son to sleep.
  4. Another piece of advice is sort out babies things first and then get to everything else later. He was a bit unsettled the first two nights. Not sure if it was being in a new room....feeling the tension from mummy and daddy...or what...but thankfully it did not last long.
But finally we are here...in the west end of Glasgow by the way.........and yes we have unpacked all our boxes...and boy have we enjoyed a few glasses of wine (and she quietly whispers...my son seems to have decided to sleep through the night).

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