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Sunday 30 October 2011

Baby flu

So I am starting to forget when my son was actually not suffering from the flu, bug, virus or whatever you want to label it. 

I am not a worrisome sort of mum , okay scratch that in the first 3 months of his life that is probably all I did about certain things (but that's a different story), so when he got his first cold I figured we would just ride the storm. We were only taking a plane two days later but my son the trooper did not let it bother him. The boy flies better than me thank goodness. Anyway a week later and it was gone. It must have been the sunshine in Italy!!! 

You see it must be at least 4 weeks ago now the tell tale dry cough started. I remember saying to hubby I bet you this is a cold. Okay it did not help that I was just getting over one and well seeing the amount of time we spend with each it was kind of inevitable that I would share my germs...ooops. It started it's life as a simple cold, the usually sneezes and stuffy nose. I thought like previously a week later and it would go away. Who am I kidding? This is Scotland now. One day he woke up from an afternoon nap and the coughing and spluttering got mum on high alert. Seriously it so didn't sound right to me that I actually called the doctor there and then. Never mind that by the time I spoke to the doctor said cough disappeared and my son was singing in the background. Yeah I know what he was thinking, another worrisome mother wasting my valuable time but bless him he was really nice about it all.  The cough though actually never went away and my poor wee man sounded horrible. Hi ho hi ho it's off to the doctor we really go...Why??? They said what I knew they would say, he'll get over it. Then said cough was suddenly accompanied by gagging and puke...lots and lots of puke cause once my son started well like a can a Pringles once you pop....After day two of the hurling we thought maybe we were justified to see the doctor then....Why??? They said what I knew they would say, he'll get over it.

4 weeks later and he has not got over it. My sister is a paediatrician and I won't tell you the advice she gave us but thankfully it seems to be working. I understand the reluctance of doctors to hand out medicine for wee babies, I'm a social worker and a mum after all. I still have not gotten over the fact that the Anderson's teething powder is in limited supply because it is actually used by drug users. Anyway, at least the coughing and puke have pretty much stopped anyway. Now it's just a lot of green gunk making it's way out of his system. I've been tempted to take a picture for this post but thought I would spare you.  You know as well that my son goes to nursery right...this is probably not the last we will see of the dreaded Baby Flu.

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