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Monday 24 October 2011

My other half

Seriously that is what I used to call him...but now he is better known as hubby and most recently daddy. Actually in all honesty I call him daddy now even when my son is happily tucked up in bed and fast asleep dreaming. Talk about labelling someone!!! The positive though is that it does show just how much I need him to make my little family work. Since the beginning he has been my rock and he has kept me sane. Just in case you are wondering the beginning started a long time before we had our son. He is possibly one of the few people in the world that accepts me for who I am. Believe I am not the easiest of persons to get to know much less to get along with so he deserves a gold medal just for that. So it's a bonus that he is a great dad too. He was in it from my son was the bean in my tummy. In the beginning he was happy to humour me and care for my son my way (or at least he made me think that anyway) but nowadays he asks what he is supposed to do but does it his way anyway. It's great to be able to relax as I know my son has this great role model as he learns to become a toddler, boy and man in this great big bad world of ours. Gosh it's not father's day and it's not his birthday, it's just one of those days where I really value my other half.

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