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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Mornings, Evenings and Weekends

To put it short and sweet, mornings, evenings and weekends are now the times that matter so much to me as I have been back to work....ooooooh....for all of a week and half. The first morning was probably the hardest as you can't figure out in your head how you are going to get everything you usually get done as well as get yourself ready for work and out the door in time. As hubby and I have worked out how to play tag team this aspect has certainly gotten easier. I am trying not to think too hard about the days when he has to travel for conferences ect. I can always go to work a bit smelly or maybe come down with a really bad flu! 

Work has thankfully gotten pretty busy pretty quick so I have not really spent a lot of time clock watching wondering what he is getting himself up to at nursery. I do notice very quickly though when the clock hits 5 and I am out of the door like a shot. The first day I literally ran home to spend time with my son. I am not looking forward to those days when I know I am going to have to go in early and work late. I know with my job as well that it is only a matter of course before this starts happening. God bless flexi days!!! 

Our first weekend...well that just went by too quickly. Before I knew it Monday was knocking on my door. 

My son is possibly tired now of all the extra hugs and kisses and constant reminders that "mummy loves you very much". Never mind that he has really settled well into nursery and he probably has more fun there than he does at home. I'm sorry I'm just not ready to do painting with a 7 month old. Thank goodness he is at least happy to see me or hubby when we go to pick him up. When he comes home he is absolutely shattered! Then mummy is like no it's time to play some more? 

That's what happens when mornings, evening and weekends matter so much. 

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  1. I'm really pleased he's enjoying nursery. I like leaving the painting for childcarers too! xxx


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