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Wednesday 4 January 2012


I don't do New Years resolutions. Just as well as I could probably make so many this year and know that I would probably not keep many of them. Getting and keeping a good work life balance would have been one. Then as I stopped to buy more jars of food for my son instead of cooking for him in the evening as I want to I know that battle is lost. We are thinking ahead for the holidays this year as there is stiff competition in my office and I thought finally getting back in the gym to look half decent in my swim suit is another good one. Now if I am too tired to cook for my son, can I really justify spending time in the gym. I get a lot of exercise running after my son anyway right? 

I'm really not sure what 2012 will bring and I think the only safe resolution to make is maybe not to worry too much about it. Okay that is probably not a good one either as I am only one day back at work and am already pulling my hair out with so much to do and too little time. 

Happy 2012...here we go..........


  1. Hi. I finally got whatever was wrong fixed so now I can comment. :-) Even w/o commenting before, I have been reading along though and have enjoyed many of your posts!

  2. Thanks! I love reading yours too...a great way to keep up with you and the family! xoxo


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