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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Sto crescendo un vitello!

Why write the title in Italian? Well because it sounds better in Italian. Translation: I am raising a small calf. Okay I know they talk about growth spurts at different points in a baby's life but I have seriously never noticed one for my son as yet. He has always been difficult to feed from birth and it is the one thing that I really struggled with and found hard to let go. No matter how hard they told me not to worry, that he would take what he needed, that babies don't tend to starve themselves, I worried. I tried not worry too much about when it came to weaning but to be honest I always got a little bit more stressed when it came time to breakfast time or lunch time or dinner time. Did he eat it all? That was the question. 

Now though for the past two weeks it's like I can't get enough into my son. I've admittedly gotten a bit lazy and been offering a lot of food from jars and suddenly the smaller 7 months plus jars are not enough. He not only guzzles down now the whole 10 month plus jar but he is looking for a dessert of the same portion and then can manage a biscuit. If he sees us eating he crawls over in a flash looking for some. The fight for him to drink milk at night has stopped and he can't guzzle it down quick enough to the point where I have actually increased the amount. 

Sto crescendo un vitello! I am raising a small calf! He is a cutie though (I'm his mum...so I'm allowed to be biased)!


  1. i know you are SO busy at work, but here's some easy batch cooking ideas. Make a pasta sauce with tomatoes and any veg, freeze it in ice cube trays and buy some very tiny pasta shapes, fusillini i think were what we used to get. Easy meal in 5 mins. if you cook spag bol for yourselves, whizz some in the blender and freeze cube size portions again. Cook a soup for everyone on the weekend and again freeze some for the little un. Basically when you have less time, try to cook larger amounts so you have extra portions to freeze.
    But don't feel bad about the jars, at least he eats them, Laila hated them all!! My freezer is currently empty so I'll be heeding my own advice this week too :-) xxx

  2. just to add, Max has at least one shop bought meal a week still now, it gets easier when they're older and they can eat more of what you guys do xxx


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