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Saturday 4 February 2012

Head banger

This is a musical household so I guess we should not be surprised that we are raising a "head banger". The first time I thought it was a one off but nope whenever music is playing my son does his wee dance...bounce about and bangs the head. Actually he will do his dance to everything...we have a loud ticking clock in the kitchen and he even manages to bounce and head bang to that. We bought him some musical instruments for Christmas and boy have they gone down a treat. My hubby started singing one of my son's favourite songs just today and I asked him why that came to his head and he said "because that's what children bring with them along with happiness". The music has to be playing at some point of every day. Now though my little head banger has to learn not to touch the stereo when the music is playing!


  1. Has he ever turned the volume up too high and scared himself? Max gave himself a big shock doing that!!! He's a bit scared of the stereo now!

  2. hmmm an idea even if it appears to be a rather scary one! No tends not to work for anything even if I try to be selective about when I use it :)


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