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Wednesday 15 February 2012

The little changes

So as this week is all about preparing for the big number one of my son...I bought the wrapping paper for his present today with an actual tear in my eye...I can't help but think of the little changes that have been happening with him.  All the big things make you feel so great but sometimes the little things are just as impressive. 

  • We have had to cut his hair not once but twice already...that's actually strangely impressive when I tell other people.
  • He winks...I walked into nursery one afternoon and the girls were all excited...my wee man was winking at the ladies...okay he will wink at anybody really with initiation once you wink at him and he does it with both eyes. It really is the most endearing thing to see.
  • He points most of the times for things he wants now (actually maybe this can actually be classed as a big change). On the weekend just passed he clearly pointed to his water when he wanted some. Then after he was sitting with daddy so mummy could have her breakfast and he clearly pointed (rather vigorously) at what mummy was eating to say he wanted some...and how do I know that because he promptly left daddy and came crawling over.
  • He suddenly started holding his own cup and drinking his water quite happily without (okay maybe sometime he still needs a little bit) support! It's like usual, mummy worries cause he is not doing what he is supposed to be doing when they say he is supposed to be doing it and then suddenly he does it...you know without practising...it's just simply a good idea one day to just do it.
  • He is playing differently now...actually starting to put things together and not usual on a trail of mass destruction. Saying that you can always tell where my son has been. It's clear what his favourite toy is...all his books! He will stay for ages just browsing through them all and you can always tell when he is finally ready for you to read him one as he sits himself down legs stretched out listening.

Wow that's a lot of little changes....

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