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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Arbitrary Conversation

So I am useless when it comes to just arbitrary conversation. If I get in touch with people it is usually for a reason...I don't just phone someone to say "Hi"...I mean then what do you say next? Life for me recently though has been about analysing me, not just the mum me but the wife me and the working woman me and the just being me. A lot about me needs to change but it all takes small steps. So here is a small step right here on my blog...a bit of arbitrary conversation...

Albert Einstein

Baby Einstein

So my son is possibly going to be a child genius! Yes I hear you say, that is rather arbitrary.


  1. he certainly looks like a genius! I'm the same as you (probably a family trait), can't just chat about nothing. I find it easier to email or blog than to chat over the phone.

  2. This is fab! Definitely a genius in the making! Sorry for not getting back to you I have just found your comment in spam. Oh dear!


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